Monday, April 20, 2009

Some demolitions

1) Two Skyscrapers demolitions

Demolition of the Agfa building, a small skyscraper in Munich

Demolition of the second tallest building ever exploited

2) A Stadium demolition

3) We must be carful with the demolitions...

Demolition without explosives

Demolition with explosives

4) ¿How strong are the structures?

On the 6th position...

On the 5th position...1/2

On the 5th position... 2/2

On the 4th position...

On the 3rd position...

On the 2nd position... 1/2    Huaquén Bridge (Chile)

On the 2nd position... 2/2    Huaquén Bridge (Chile)

On the 1st position...

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