Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stonecutters Bridge

Stonecutters Bridge is the second longest cable-stayed bridge on the world, after the Sutong Bridge, also in China.

The bridge spans 1.596meters (5236feet) long and the main span has 1.018 meters (3.635 feet).

Stonecutters Bridge connects Nam Wan Kok, Tsing Yi Island and Stonecutters Island, crossing the Ramble Channel in Hong Kong.

The desing concept for the bridge was procured by Highways Department in Hong Kong, and a international competition winning the next group: Halcrow Group, Flint & Neill Partnership, Dissing+Weitling and Shangai Municipal Engineering Design Institute.

As sub-consultant: Ove Arup & Partners and Cowi A/S.

Constructors: Maeda - Hitachi - Yokogawa - Hsin Chong Joint Venture (JV)

Construction started on 27 April 2004 and is spected to be completed in 2009.

In the next video we can see how has been constructed the Stonecutters Bridge.

Stonecutters Bridge Construction 1/5

Stonecutters Bridge Construction 2/5

Stonecutters Bridge Construction 3/5

Stonecutters Bridge Construction 4/5

Stonecutters Bridge Construction 5/5

You can see more photos about the building of the bridge on the main goverment website.

From: youtube, wikipedia and bridge main website.